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Close your eyes and escape with a fusion of

Swedish, deep tissue, hot stones and hot eucalyptus towels,

artfully crafted for your massage experience

Fusion Massage

60-minutes / $80   |    90-minutes / $110    |    120-minutes / $130

Indulge in a full-body massage using traditional massage techniques combined with hot stones.  The deep penetrating heat will help to soften muscular tension and promote relaxation. Your session is enhanced with a hot eucalyptus towel facial massage and a soothing, hydrating foot treatment.  The fusion of these techniques will relax and balance the spirit.

Spa Treatment

120-minutes / $140

Immerse yourself in a complete body spa treatment. Start with a rich, creamy blend of micronized buffing beads, loofa and apricot powder enriched with jojoba, avocado and peach oils. Relax with the ultimate pampering as your body is then covered with hot towels and finished with an herbal creme and hot stone massage.  The Spa Treatment session is approximately 2-hours.

Runner’s Massage

30-minutes / $40

Relax and soothe your legs with a hot stone massage focused on the lower body muscle groups.  The blend of massage, penetrating heat and stretching will soften tension and increase flexibility.  Ideal for the serious runner, cyclist or hiker, this massage is also good for anyone with tension related soreness and tightness in the legs. The Runner’s Massage session is approximately 30-40 minutes.

Your massage is enhanced with low

light, an extra wide table, light

aromatic fragrance and a

compilation of

premium digital music

Sunset over Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

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An artisan massage in the comfort of my studio or the convenience of your home or hotel

Jack Glenn                                                                          

Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy Instructor

Massage for Dallas and Fort Worth since 2002

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